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“Best Breast” Competition: Why can’t men get their bits out too?

January 10, 2014


A Croatian village has sparked controversy when, in an effort to raise money for a terminally ill man, the inhabitants held a ‘best breast’ competition.

According to the International Business Times (why they are reporting on breast competitions is a mystery to me) women in a village on the island of Istria were awarded prizes for their cleavages after having them weighed and measured. These included awards for the biggest, firmest and most beautiful knockers. There was even a prize for the smallest bosoms on show…. The booby prize perhaps?

A special mention must go to the winner of the largest breasts. A 54-year-old woman stormed to victory after her boobs measured a circumference of 1.5meters. OMGG.

The winner of the ‘most beautiful breasts’ was a 23-year-old called Danijela Golubovic. She said: “It was a bit strange but after all it is for charity and I’m glad that I could take part in helping to raise cash.”

However, despite being lauded by the local press, the event was criticised by women’s rights campaigners.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with this kind of competition. It’s only for a bit of fun and, as the beautiful breasted woman says, it’s for charity. But I only agree on one condition: that there has to be a similar competition for the men.

If the village was well known for it’s Torso of the Year award, its annual Best Bottom competition, or people came from miles around to judge the village’s Sexiest Sausage (too far?) then fair play to them.

Yet something tells me they don’t and I think that is unfair. It also seems unfair when you hear of other sexist examples in Croatian public life. According to Croatian journalist, Jelena Prtoric, a senior politician in the Croatian parliament told a female politician to “stick to her pole dancing”, while an advert for sausages placed the product in between two breasts. Not the sexy sausage I had in mind.

Meanwhile a Croatian beer advert shows a women returning home laden with groceries only to be greeted by her husband, not because he wants to help but because he wants his drink.

Something tells me we won’t be seeing a best blokes bum competitions any time soon. More’s the pity.

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