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BOOB JOB: Q&A about breast reduction

November 8, 2013


Here at OMGGs we are all about boob love. We believe that loving your breasts can have a far-reaching positive impact on your confidence, your sexuality and subsequently your love life. But even though we rant and rave about how great they are, we also know that this can go the other way.

Lucy, a 26-year-old journalist, found that her DD boobs were affecting her physical and psychological health, so much so that she decided to go under the knife. Below she answers some of our questions.

What size were your boobs before and what are they now?

30DD and now a 32B/C (fluctuate depending on bra.)

Were your properly fitted before?

Screen Shot properly fitted before?Screen Shot properly fitted before


Why did you want a boob reduction?

I’ve always hunched in an effort to make them look smaller. It was affecting my posture and I was getting back ache. I am also quite small-framed around my back and they felt disproportionately large. That was the physical reason. Mentally, I just felt uncomfortable with large breasts. I don’t dislike them on other people, but I felt encumbered and weighty and I flattened them with minimiser bras. My mother thought it was the first step towards a sex change (I’m not kidding, she actually said “Do you want to be a man”?) although she was incredibly understanding as she’d seen, without me saying anything, how uncomfortable I was with them, since my early teens.

How long had you wanted a reduction before you got it?

I got a reduction aged 21. I’d wanted smaller boobs since I was about 16, but never thought my parents would allow me a reduction. Then my cousin got one done and I mentioned to my mum that I would do anything for one. Really? She replied, surprised. Honestly, I said, if you and Dad let me then I would put all my savings towards it. She saw I was serious and suddenly the impossible became possible.

How long did it take to settle on a final size?

This is controversial, I’m sure, but I just asked him to make them as small as he could (or would.) I wanted to be an A, because I knew they’d grow back a bit (they did) and I didn’t want to ever worry about feeling weighted down by them again. I asked to be an A, but he made me a B.

Were you scared about the operation?

No, not really. Just really glad to be doing it.

Was it painful?

Screen Shot was the pain worth it

Operation was fine. I was deeply bruised (I was fascinated by it) and had to wear a bandage for a few days, but I don’t remember the pain as particularly memorable – probably due to the surgeon I went to, who is very esteemed in his field.

How long were they painful for? 

Actually painful probably for a week. Then sensitive for the rest of that month and I had to wear a special bra, at night too.

Did it reduce back pain?

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 12.10.18

My posture is sadly still crappy. The damage may be done! But I certainly hunch less.

Do your boobs grow back?

Screen Shot grown backScreen Shot breast grow back

They do a bit. The breast tissue slightly strives to grow back to it’s original size! They probably grew by half a bra size. They were also ridiculously pert when I first had them done but sadly as saggy as natural ones, now!

What other worries did you have?

I didn’t have any other worries except that the operation would have been in vain. I wasn’t worried about breast feeding as that’s not a definite no-no (fingers crossed) and anyway, my mother never breast fed me due to complications and I think she’s the best mother ever – so I’m not concerned about not bonding with my baby, or anything.

Is the scarring bad?

Screen Shot scaring

The scars are pretty minor. As I said, good surgeon. But they could be more minor, with more usage of Bio Oil. That’s reminded me, infact. They aren’t really noticeable, particularly with a tan. I’ve sunbathed topless before.

Can you still feel your nipples?

Screen Shot nipple sensitive

I haven’t lost sensitivity in my nipples, but if you touch my scars – on the underside of my breast – they do feel a bit numb and I find it really uncomfortable.

Is there anything can you do now that your couldn’t before? 

Screen Shot what can she do now

No changes really.

Has it affected your clothing choices? Can you experiment more?

Screen Shot clothing

Yes, I used to always flatten them with bandeaus, I would never ever get my cleavage out. I hated it when people commented on my boobs. I will now wear halternecks and triangle bikinis and even backless dresses where no bra is needed.

Where did you have your op and did your doctor prepare you enough as to what to expect?

I had it done in The Lister Hospital, having met with the surgeon in his practise on Harley Street (He’s called Adam Searle.) Yes, I was prepared. He wasn’t fazed remotely by it – and thought it was absolutely a necessary procedure from the mental side of it – so I kind of was relaxed too.

Are you happy with the result? Has it changed the life in the way you hoped it would?

Yes, I am really glad I had it done. I don’t love my boobs (I’d love them to be perter), but then I don’t think a lot of people do!

What does your boyfriend think about your boobs?

Ha. Likes them I think!

Do you have any advice for people thinking about having their boobs reduced?

Don’t listen to what anyone else says. One friend told me she thought it was ‘vain’ that I had had it done, as everyone has stuff that I don’t like about themselves. Which was slightly ignorant of her, really. As I don’t like my hair, or my bum, but I’m not thinking of transplanting those. This was something which affected my physical and mental health and something which I had the support of my family of – and they really aren’t ones for cosmetic procedures. So my advice would be, wait a good couple of years of wanting it, before you actually do it. Spend all the money you can on it. Go to the best surgeon, who will leave the least scars (check how they do the procedure) and spend the best money you can on it. Mine were really expensive and used all of my savings, but my parents (understandably) said they’d only be happy with me doing it, if I went to the best doctor.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions.

Lucy’s name has been changed.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 8, 2013 1:49 pm

    No doubt it´s all about perception. I´m a 30FF and can´t imagine having them smaller. I love my pair.

    But as always, if it´s something that makes her happy, more confident and proud of herself, well done!
    Kudos for “Lucy”!.

  2. M. Smith permalink
    May 16, 2013 5:41 pm

    I had my reduction coming up on 9 years ago now and it was THE BEST thing I’ve EVER done. My mother also had it done a few years later and she couldn’t be happier either. I went from a 34DDD to a (now) 36B (gained a few pounds in 9 years), and no regrets whatsoever. My recovery was FAST, pain was minimal, and I was running around after my (then) 3 year old before I knew it (within a few days). My back pain is less, clothes fit nicer, and I feel better about myself. When I’m only 5’2, DDD’s just didn’t work for my appearance as well as the pain I was having in my back. So glad that I did it at a young age (22, almost 23) and can enjoy the benefits for the rest of my life.

  3. Paula permalink
    May 16, 2013 6:22 pm

    I had a breast reduction in 1995. I do not regret it all. I had absolutely no complications and was only off work one week. My job was being on my feet all day and still no problems. The scar underneath was sensitive for a few months but that was my only side affect. Just make sure you chose the best plastic surgeon you can and who does this type of surgery routinely.

  4. May 17, 2013 4:10 pm

    How do you find out the best doctors for breast reduction? Is there a website that you went to or simply a lot of research?

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