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What’s your Bare Reality? A new photo project on breasts

May 10, 2013

Bare Reality: A project by Laura Dodsworth [Image: from]

Bare Reality: A project by Laura Dodsworth [Image: from]

As we know, OMGGs is just one blog dedicated to revealing the triumphs and trials of women’s breasts in a more diverse way than the usual, objectifying/comedy/sleazy tropes often seen in the media.

So when I stumbled on the Bare Reality project – ‘an art and social project exploring how women feel about their breasts’ – I knew I wanted to chat to the woman behind it.

Laura Dodsworth is a professional photographer with a mission: to explore “the dichotomy between how we feel about our breasts privately, and how they are presented through the media”.

“I’m 40, I’ve had children,” Dodsworth tells me. “My breasts have had different roles at different points in my life. I wanted to create a dialogue going about how women feel about their breasts. Talking is central to these intimate experiences.”

Her Bare Reality project asks women to fill in a survey about how they feel about their boobs, with the ultimate aim to collect photographs and experiences from different women everywhere. She hopes that the project will culminate in a book, and generate discussion over the different functions, and feelings, women have about their most obvious – if not always most significant ‒ assets.

“The survey’s gone brilliantly so far,” she says. “We’ve had 1,300 responses in three days!”

Dodsworth, whose photography has featured in a number of London exhibitions, is also very clear to call herself a feminist, which she sees as entirely relevant to the project. “I’ve always been a feminist. This project is about giving women a chance to have a voice about their own experiences.”

Amen to that.

Check out more info about Bare Reality, and take the survey, here

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