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Infographic: Plastic surgery on the up

April 27, 2013

Saving for the boob job? [Image: littleREDelf, Flickr CC]

Saving for the boob job? [Image: littleREDelf, Flickr CC]

Britain has boob sizes on the brain, it seems – if the most recent cosmetic plastic surgery statistics showcased by those talented folk over on the Guardian Datablog are anything to go by, anyway.

The latest figures show that procedures in general are on the up, with breast enlargements – and reductions – on the increase too.

As the visualisation below shows, breast augmentation in women in 2012 had risen 16% compared to the 2008 stats, while breast reductions had also increased, by nearly 10%.

Despite small fluctuations between individual years, across 2008-2012, these stats are representative of an overall upwards trend in breast procedures (both augmentations and reductions).


Infographic created by Hannah Thompson on free visualisation online tool

Not just women

Interestingly, the statistics also show that men seem more and more preoccupied with the size of their chest. While the 2008 figures show an apparently-unsurprising 0 for male breast augmentation surgeries, this peaked at an incredible 28 for 2009 , before going back to 0 again in 2010 (which famous and influential man had big boobs/massive pecs in 2009, we’d like to know?!). In 2012, the male figure for breast augmentation stood at 11.

Changes in incidence of breast reduction in men are also pretty noticeable: with 323 reductions in 2008, up to 642 in 2012, and a peak of 790 a year earlier, in 2012.

See the full Guardian datablog info here

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