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Bumping into Boobs

March 20, 2013

I must have boobs on the brain at the minute. I’m not sure if this blog is making me obsessed but I seem to see them everywhere. On posters, newspapers, book covers, in films and shop windows – the list goes on. So I decided to take a picture every time I noticed boobs, to see just how many I could rack up (excuse the pun) in a week. And there were quite a few. Some arty and tasteful on book covers and statues, some not so arty or tasteful in shop windows and on page 3. The problem is, I can’t quite decide what I think about it. Is the constant presence of boobs a symptom of a cultural obsession? Or is it unfair to generalise, and lump the “high-brow” with the “trashy”? One thing is for sure, there really is no escape from them…

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(All pictures taken by me)

So what do you reckon? Am I imagining it, or are boobs just about everywhere at the minute? If you bump into some boobs (not attached to unsuspecting strangers, please), tweet us your pics @OhMyGGs

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  1. March 20, 2013 1:26 pm

    One thing to notice is the wide variety of boobs that they show– I know that I am much more the shape of Eve on the Paradise Lost book than any of the others, any yet that is apparently a body type that I never, ever see on modern women (who are in magazines). I think it’s interesting to see boobs everywhere while they are simultaneously so risque to talk about, especially in the US, where nipples are virtually forbidden.

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