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Q&A with Georgina Horne: Founder of Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust

February 18, 2013

Georgina Horne, of FFFB, in one of the shots from her photoshoot with

As someone helping to run a fledgling site about breasts, I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration ‒ and, if I’m honest, ways to help us keep quite literally (ahem) abreast of the competition.

Happily, despite the perils of Googling the word ‘boobs’ (basically turn Safe Search on unless you’re after that kind of evening), I have been thrilled to stumble across some fabulous women running brilliant boob blogs, which combine reviews, helpful tips, clothes advice and more with originality, pizzazz, humour and, best of all, glorious bosoms (big and small).

Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, run by the incredibly stylish, incredibly curvy Georgina Horne, is a case in point. Laden with useful reviews galore, and updated pretty much every day, the site is a hub for big-boobed women everywhere.

In the interests of sharing the big-boobed blog love (and seeing just how she does it), we went along to ask her a few questions…

What’s your blog and why do you run it?
My blog is called ‘Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’ and I write it to share my clothing and lingerie buying experiences, as well as my thoughts on things like the word ‘curvy’, ‘celebrity bra sizes’ and so much more! Lingerie and clothing with a little extra padding, in both senses of the phrase.

How long has it been going for?
My blog will be two in May 🙂

How popular is your blog (e.g. visitor numbers), and why do you think that is?
I am nearing 1.5 million blog views, which feels incredible, although I have nothing to measure it against! I try to post frequently, keep it interesting and varied, use social media to promote myself, share other bloggers and, most of all, respond to my readers emails and messages where possible.

What sorts of people come to your blog and why?
All sorts of women! Some are not even plus sized or large busted. Some come for fit advice, some for style advice, some because they can relate – there seems to be something for everyone! I have a fair few male readers as well, who shop for themselves or their wives.

What’s the best thing you’ve found about running your blog?
My readers. They are seriously amazing. Loyal, kind, funny, helpful, grateful – fabulous.

What’s the most difficult thing?
It’s hard to leave my blog! I get anxious that I need to write more posts, or check my social streams, or find more things to write about – it’s all consuming and sometimes it’s a bit much.

What’s the weirdest/oddest response you’ve had from someone reading your blog (if applicable!)?
I guess having people asked for signed photos has been the most shocking! I do get negative trolly comments, but they no long strike me as odd, just sad!

What’s the best response?
I can’t really pinpoint one amazing response. I have received dozens of testimonials from woman that have found my blog helpful and useful, and that always affirms why I do it.

From your experience of having larger breasts, what advice would you give women in the same boat?
First and foremost – get yourself a properly fitted bra! You will look younger, slimmer and perkier. Brastop have some amazing informative videos that can really help visually show you what’s a good fit and what’s a bad fit. Find clothes that suit YOU. They may not necessarily be what everyone else is wearing, but if you can dress to accentuate your body, everyone else will soon try to copy you! Cleavage does not make you a slut or easy or anything else/ I rarely wear anything that doesn’t show a hint of cleavage as I think it flatters me, and I do not conform to the ridiculous stereotypes in any way.

Three not-so-great things about having big boobs?
Bras are expensive! However, they are often well made and last for a while, so it’s actually a positive after the initial shock!

As I mentioned above, stupid stereotypes. Breasts can be augmented, and that’s ok. But not every set of large knockers are the result of surgery, and people should not assume so. Nor does having large breasts make you any less worthy or ‘easy’.
Unwanted attention. I am currently in Vietnam and the stares and laughing and photo taking are driving me crazy! I often get heckled by men and glared at by women on nights out, which is always a giggle!

Three great things?
Sorry, I can’t think of anything that isn’t obvious/won’t sound conceited.

Another gorgeous pic of Georgina courtesy of

Best clothing brands for big boobs and curves?
Collectif are definitely my number one for boobs and curves. They are a retro inspired brand, but I think that their adorable Dolores doll dresses can be worn to most occasions. I also love BiuBiu, a Polish company that make clothes for larger busts. And, of course, Pinup Girl Clothing! My blog is full to the brim with PUG dresses, I have found only a few that do not work for me.

Worst clothing brands for big boobs and curves?
Pepperberry are pretty shocking. I can’t fit my bust into most items from them, and when I can they bag at the waist. They seem to cater to the smaller end of the busty spectrum, which is great for some, but not for me, personally. [Hannah’s note: I’ve found some Bravissimo/Pepperberry clothes to work really well on me, so my recommendation would be to try them on before deciding for sure!]

Any last thoughts to readers of OMGGs?

Never ever resent your body. You can make anything work with the right underwear and the right items to flatter and adorn your size and shape.

Thanks so much to Georgina for taking the time to answer our questions! We’re all about sharing the boob-blog love….

Check our Georgina’s wonderful blog for tips and inspiration here (and see more photos from her photoshoot here)

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  1. February 18, 2013 3:08 pm

    Excellent blog. To be honest, big boobs rock! Its every woman’s dream. So if you have it,love it. Georgina is looking too sexy as well. Very good.

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